Maintaining Healthy Nails – Importance, Measures and More

Maintaining Healthy Nails

Maintaining Healthy Nails – Every woman desires strong and healthy-looking nails. Many women don’t think beyond manicures when it comes to nail care. It is essential to get a regular manicure but it is not the proper treatment. To make the nails shiny and strong, we must follow a few nail care habits and stretch up on a few others. Whether you are somebody who constantly has a coat of nail paint on or someone who can’t stop picking and biting your cuticles, these tips will improve your nail game.

Do you think you have healthy nails? Here are some signs of whether your nails are healthy or unhealthy. Remember that brittle nails are not the only sign of unhealthy nails—game for the better.

Starting nail care as soon as possible is essential if you have one or more of the above unhealthy nail symptoms. However, if you have an infection or the problem seems serious, please get in touch with your doctor.

Maintaining Healthy  Nails  – Tips For Healthy Fingernails

Apply Moisturizer to Nails

Here are some nail care habits that you should start practicing right away! Plus, we’ve added a pro tip to every convention to get your nails healthy and strong in no time!

Maintaining Healthy Nails – 1. Apply Moisturizer to Your Nails

Just like our skin, our nails too need external hydration to stay healthy. Your skin and scalp naturally can produce some oil, but your nails don’t. Frequent washing destroys all the nutrients it takes in.

Therefore, the first nail care habit you should adopt is to moisturize your nails regularly and, if possible, every time you wash your hands. If you use disinfectant regularly, apply hand cream immediately and focus on your nails because the alcohol in disinfectants can dry out your nails and hands.

Pro tip: Before going to bed, massage your nails with a few drops of olive or coconut oil.

2. Maintain Good Hygiene Practices

Prolonged regular contact with water can cause nails to crack if not dried properly, and trapped moisture can lead to infection. Therefore, do not let your nails grow for a long time because bacteria and dirt can quickly accumulate in them.

Clean your nails regularly at home and sterilize your nail care tools before and after each use. When cutting your nails, first cut them straight and then curve them around the ends; this will prevent the dirt from being pushed into the skin.

Pro tip: You can use natural antiseptics like tea tree oil that help kill bacteria and keep infection at bay.

3. Do Not Scrape off Nail Polish

If your nail polish has started to fade, take a minute from your program, wet a cotton swab with the cleaner, and buff the colour. Removing nail polish from your nails is the worst habit on nails. It destroys nail tissue, removes its healthy protective layer and dries your nails excessively. As a good nail care habit, remove the polish as soon as it loses its shine rather than waiting for the polish to crack or peel.

Pro tip: Avoid leaving it on nail polish for too long, as it will eventually lead to chipping.

4. Use a Base Coat and a Topcoat

Whether you apply nail polish often or occasionally, the chemicals in these paints can damage and discolour your nails. An easy way to prevent this and make your nail polish last longer is to use a base coat and a topcoat. It is a simple nail care habit that every woman should have. After you clean your nails well, use some and wait a few minutes. Then have two coats of your favourite nail polish colour, let it dry, and then have a topcoat to cover everything.

Pro tip: Buy your nail products from a reputable brand because you can never know which bookends on substandard products.

5. Wear Defensive Gloves When Requires

Some household chores, such as laundry and gardening tools, can damage your nails. The chemicals in the soap can dry out your skin and nails, and all the dirty work you do while gardening can build up and stay in the corners of your nails longer than you can imagine. Wearing rubber gloves will prevent chemicals and slime from directly contacting your hands and nails.

Pro tip: Wash gloves thoroughly after each use and dry them in sunlight.

6. Prefer Quality Cosmetics

Do not use nail products that can damage your nails, just as you do not use low-quality makeup or skin care products. Whether you have nail polish, remover, top coat, base coat or cuticle oil, invest in quality products from reputable brands. Using low-quality products can damage your nails and affect your health by entering your body when you eat something.

Pro tip: Not every bottle that claims to be natural is entirely natural. It’s best to do your research and avoid using products that contain harmful ingredients

7. Avoid Usage of Acetone

Acetone may seem like rapid and easy way to get rid of stubborn nail polish and colour, but the truth is, it’s very damaging to your skin and nails. It is scorched and prone to breakage. The nail care tip is to avoid using acetone or products containing acetone on your nails. Many nail polish removers contain nourishing ingredients like almond oil and vitamin E to prevent them from drying out your nail tips.

Pro tip: If your nail polish remover contains no nutritional ingredients, apply a few drops of oil after removing the colour to restore moisture and health.

8. Trim Nails Regularly

Do not grow your nails beyond a certain length, making them more susceptible to damage and breakage. That doesn’t mean you have to keep it short, just long enough to look nice. As with your hair, regular nail trimming is a good nail care practice. Take some time every two weeks to keep your nails in shape by trimming and filing them.

Pro tip: Cut them neatly with scissors in a straight line and then cut them square or round at the ends as desired.

Maintaining Healthy Nails – Conclusion

Maintaining Healthy Nails – We should have to do moisturizing and cleaning every day if we want our nails to become strong and healthy. We can do trimming once every two weeks. Use petroleum jelly on your nails to prevent dryness. Rub a small amount of the jelly on the cuticles and the surrounding skin every night before bed. The vitamin E in it will prevent your nails from getting dry and also add a healthy shine. By following the above mentioned measures you can maintain the health and beauty of your nails.

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