How Long Does Beauty Last?

How long Does Beauty Last

How Long Does Beauty Last? – When we say something about beauty, we might describe it as a person’s physical appearance. We might say about how pretty something looks to our eyes—or how great something tastes to our tastebuds.

We might also talk about what someone does that makes us happy, calm, or inspired. It is not only about a person’s physical appearance but also relates to the nature of a person and the way they behave with another person. Therefore it relates to the external and internal aspects of a person.

Furtherly, how you might define something or someone that is ‘beautiful’ to you, maybe described by another as something dissimilar. There is a famous proverb that beauty lies in the eyes of the person who sees it.

What is Beauty?

It can be described depending on the varied types, such as physical appearance and the inner beauty that is nothing but the nature of an individual.

Hence, there are several different words to describe it and plenty of other expressions and adjectives to use beyond just saying ‘pretty’ or ‘gorgeous’.

Internal beauty lasts a lifetime. It depends. How  do you describe it? Your body will eventually give out, even if you reach 100. The best-looking men and women on earth will ultimately wrinkle up and grow out of youth. I do not believe that it should measure next to society’s standards. Of course, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. Outer prettiness will fail eventually. It does not fleet death, sickness, or ageing.

Now inner beauty that’s a different story. Work on it, how you treat everyone around you, what you spend your life involved in, what you stand up for, what you fill your “think” tank with, etc… What happens is people end up thinking they can preserve their it, but when that fails, they discover there is no substance underneath. Die beautiful with your inner beauty intact by learning to live this life away from just your outer beauty. Depending on what you consider outer prettiness, life will rob you of it. That’s a fact.

Types of Beauty

External and Internal Beauty (1)

There are two types of it, external and internal; outer prettiness is what everyone sees quickly, but get to a stage where it disappears, you can only hear the past of it; this type  is termed as past tense as you are referring to far back, something you can tell if you are age mate with them you are to remember far back how physical prettiness they are if you grow up in a community with they you see some older people say something about their beauty about how beautiful she was for the past, you can only calculate back to read the beauty of a man or woman only to tell the story.

Inner beauty lasts for a long time and is different in a way; many people change their it just because of what they pass through in their life or what people do to them; it may look to them like making a greater mistake for the younger age, try to change by character. There was a man who was governor for a long time in a setting community; everyone praised him and told well of him. Things go well at a young age.

The older adults pray a good prayer for him. A time came just because of bribery and losing for something of the world; it tried to come back in the name of that farmer’s good character he had; when he now get around the sit at his old age, guess what happened? It brings out the ugly inner beauty he adds for a long time. But many still maintain their inner beauty to the end


While physical beauty is created by God and maintained by humans, the spiritual one is developed and supported by God. Physical beauty is fleeting but spiritual beauty is unlimited. It is the prettiness of the mind and the soul, but external factors maintain the physical appearance. Hence we should give more importance to inner beauty rather than physical beauty as it remains for a particular period. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore physical prettiness, and we should have to take proper care of it too.

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