Milan Fashion Week 2023

Milan Fashion Week 2023

Recently Milan Fashion Week A/W 2023 took place in the Italian city during February(21 – 27 February). It is identical in style, with more than 50 physical shows. With the famous Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta, among others. The latter led the third excursion from French-Belgian creative director Matthieu Blazy. His previous two collections have seen near-unanimous critical acclamation.

British designer Maximilian Davis exhibited a second-year collection for Ferragamo, and his debut was well-regarded at the house in September 2022. Meanwhile, the city’s fresh talent came courtesy of Durazzi Milano, Andreadamo, and Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi. They showed up with the care of Dolce & Gabbana on Sunday morning (26 February).

‘This season, once again, we provide a rich program of activities. The activities that approve Milan’s prominent role in the global fashion scene,’ said Carlo Capasa. The Milan Fashion ran over the week and presented a dedicated Fashion Hub with a program of events celebrating innovation in the industry.

Highlights of Milan Fashion Week A/W 2023

1. Giorgio Armani – Milan Fashion Week A/W 2023

_Giorgio Armani - Milan Fashion Week A_W 2023

Giorgio Armani continued a career-long study of beauty. The collection started by considering the application of make-up. ‘Maquillage is always a warm, personal moment,’ the house noted. Likening this intimacy to being within the compact Armani show space at Via Borgonuovo 21.

The collection consists of languid, glamorous – silk dresses. They recall pajamas in their flexibility and trousers cut with generous proportions. In contrast, other garments evoked interiors full of texture and elaboration—also swathes of velvet besides faux fur to beading and fringing.

2. Bottega Veneta – Milan Fashion Week A/W 2023

Blazy’s collection is a similar feeling of extent and movement. It spanned 81 looks and rushed past attendees as the models paraded rapidly. Blazy said that he didn’t supervise the collection; nevertheless, he instead supplemented a new ‘character’ when it came to mind; as such. The collection started riffs on nightdresses as models rose from the bed, beginning of the day – such as white shirts and socks.

The latter seems knitted but crafted from intricately woven leather. A ‘flannel’ pajama set entirely made from napa leather. A gathering of garments followed – impossible to conclude – spanning Blazy’s enchanted refrains on the quotidian (paper shopping baggage recrafted in leather, a pair of men’s trousers that looped around the foot with stirrups.

A broad array of beautifully tailored jackets and overcoats). An elegant take on eveningwear is like one mainly arresting red dress with an amplified neckline and the idea of panniers on the waist. Blazy likened it to ‘Exquisite Corpse,’ a parlor game beloved by the surrealists whereby each contestant draws on the part of the paper without viewing what has come before. When unfolding, a magical new figure emerges from the report.

Magic and alchemy are the transformations of metal to gold. The wisdom of Blazy is his ability to raise the banal into unique expressions of style and craft. It constantly returns to the easiness of noticing people on the street. ‘A procession, a strange fair, a crowd of people from anywhere and everywhere. And so far, someway, they all fit and go in the identical direction,’ said Blazy. ‘I wanted to observe what makes people gather collectively in a place without grading, where everyone is invited.’

3. Dolce & Gabbana

High-octane sensuality is a defining side of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s collections—meanwhile, their eponymic brand’s inception in 1985. The mood is continuous with their latest offering. It observed back to a 1992 ‘Belle du Jour’ collection (recent seasons have seen the creators return to their archives.

It was partly due to the growing resurrection of the 1990s more widely in fashion). Transparent layers appeared throughout the mainly black collection – whether chiffon negligee-style gowns or the bands of knottily crafted lace –titled ‘Sensuale.”

Sensuality is an essential aspect of femininity that is irrelevant to being sexy,’ they said. ‘Sensuality is connected to a piece of inner knowledge. It makes women spontaneous and natural, unrestricted of any fabrication.’ A series of jackets with more covered-up contrast. They were nipped-waist tuxedo-style jackets with extensive satin lapels.

They were also extensive overcoats with ferns of feathers around the neck. Seductive flashes of red features with a glimmering bejeweled red gown. Anok Yai wore it to end the show. It was a design reflected in the clothing of last season’s collaborator, Kim Kardashian. She, this time, viewed from the front row.

4. Gucci

A strange visualization of an office space or lobby provides the backdrop for Gucci’s latest collection. The house’s design team fashioned it. It was before Sabato De Sarno’s debut next season will display his initial collection in September). The collection notes said the setting intends to suggest a place of work.

The models crossed the space in the lifts (clever deception saw them boarding a lift on one side and exiting on another). It replicated a movement between departments. ‘How an idea explodes archive, developed in the studio, and carried to live in the atelier before it lastly makes its path to the runway.’

The collection itself – is one of clearness and confidence. It far surpassed the hopes of such a short-term team. They began with what the house called a ‘generational exchange,’ seeing the numerous members of the group recall their favorite memories from their time at home (some of the team had been connecting only recently, and others had worked there for 20 years or more).

It hires the collection with a varied mood mainly rooted in the sensual designs of Tom Ford’s tenure at the house. Remarkably in the collection’s body-baring inaugural look – a model in a bejeweled double-G bra top and black satin skirt – but illuminated by the ‘electrically sumptuous’ color palette of the 2010s.

Sensual layers ran through – whether sheer mesh tops or colored fishnet tights, which rose beyond the waistband. They cover light trousers and tops in near-transparent paillettes. They unite with moments of abundance, like a series of vast coats in colorful faux fur. A soundtrack by Yasmina Dexter, Pandora’s Jukebox, added to the rechargeable mood, taking its impressive rhythm from Britney Spears’ mesmerizing I’m a Slave 4 U.

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