Bohemian Lifestyle

Bohemian Lifestyle

Bohemian Lifestyle – The practice of a unique lifestyle frequently in the company of like-minded people with a few permanent bonds is known as a bohemian lifestyle. It involves musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits. In this context, bohemians may be travelers, adventurers, or wanderers. Bohemian is a lifestyle suited for people who want to live life unusually.

We are living life generally as others live. And go from one place to another. We do our best to get into a good university from the beginning. Later, we do our best in the university to get an excellent job in a significant company. And when we are at work? We are doing our best to please our supervisors, get a pay raise, or finance the next holiday. At the same time, we are continually working on ourselves, trying to fix our defects, get in better shape, and get a better look.

While doing all this, we tend to forget our talents, dreams, and authentic selves. We do not remember the things that make us glad and satisfied. This “perfect” form of ourselves often isn’t ourselves. That is where Bohemians are one step forward. They live the life they desire to live, fight for their ideals, and are their true selves, trying to fulfill their dreams even if they don’t have a permanent place to live or a good bank balance

Features of Bohemian Lifestyle

Features of Bohemian Lifestyle

Although this lifestyle may not suit everyone, it comprises some features we can and should consider applying more. Below are some points from the book Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide to Living on the Edge by Laren Stover.

Bohemian Lifestyle – 1. Dare to Follow Your Standards and Live Your Life to the Fullest.

Once in a while, you have to take a risk to enjoy your life to the fullest. You must have the courage and know that the risk is worth it. “Giving up security takes guts. Bohemians are risk enough to reject normal society; to follow an ideal and forsake admiration and security; to alienate family; to be, as Jack Kerouac put it, ‘yourself at whatever cost.’”

Bohemian Lifestyle – 2. Allow Your Creative Self and Amaze Yourself.

Take notes, take photos, jot down your thoughts, paint, or do pottery. We can act out our feelings and try them in a million ways. “Art plays an important role in the life of the Bohemian, so it is difficult to detach art from their life. They make it, sell it, exchange it and motivate it. Bohemian finds art on the street, on the beach, in the Dumpster, and the stars. Walls, floors, shoes, shirts, sidewalks, skylights, streetlamps, no surface is safe from the Bohemian with a paintbrush, marking pen, or glue gun. Cracked objects may become art; cracked crockery or scallop shells are assortments.”

Bohemian Lifestyle – 3. Express at the top of your voice what you believe in.

Don’t hide your feelings and thoughts because they might not seem suitable for some people. Be correct to yourself. “Revolution comes naturally to Bohemians; they are different, irrelevant, and disobedient. They like to shake things up. They irritate, rattle, inspire, amuse, repulse, and take over. Bohemians revolt in contrast to dressing codes, the circadian clock, business hours, and temperance. They also oppose the conventional idea of a work ethic, art methods, traditional living arrangements, politics, and institutions.”

4. Have the Courage to Live a More Extraordinary Life.

Bohemians live their lives according to their wish, and they don’t give importance to the rules and regulations of society. They also do not support the qualities promoted by bourgeois society. Routine, temperance, convention, materialism, mediocrity, and decency. Bohemians despise authority, the status quo, capitalism, and consumerism because they are often broke.”

5. Be Proud of Being Different.

You cannot identify yourself with the “normal,” ordinary way people around you talk, act, think, and live. Do you feel like you are strange in some way? Different? Extraordinary? Well, congratulations. Be honored by it. “To Bohemians, there is no embarrassment in experiencing altered mental states and sometimes even a little glory. The Bohemian is never nervous about sharing any alternative or outlaw experience. It consists of asylum stays. They will illustrate treatments, painting doctors and wards. They also discuss the stay as though it were something of notoriety or great prestige.”

6. Stop Believing in Materialism.

Owning many things doesn’t necessarily make one happy; on the contrary, it is not rare that this stuff gets in our way and becomes a burden. So, what is the point of all those possessions we accumulate over the years?

“The Bohemian makes do — creatively, exultantly — and does not need the newest appliance, car, or gadget to impress, feel whole, define themself, or pursue dreams. The true Bohemian is a connoisseur of texture, color, and sensation. In comparison, the bourgeoisie can experience excitement and fulfillment only through consumption. The Bohemian is delighted by observation, creation, and experience itself.”

7. Travel Away From the Destinations of Guide Manuals and Tourist Hotspots.

Discover new lands, foreign cultures, and freedom off the beaten track. Get inspired. “They travel inordinately, incessantly, restlessly; observing, freeloading, freewheeling, free-loving, freedom bound, drinking. They also do mountain climbing, take jobs, take notes, take photos, typing away in the room at night, maybe all night. Bohemians shun tourist attractions. The Bohemians have been to Paris ten times yet have never been to the Eiffel Tower. And when they do, always by accident, end up at a tourist attraction, they’ll get there so late it will be closed.”

8. Reconnect with Nature.

A walk in nature is often the best medicine. In today’s modern world, however, we tend to forget that and instead turn to our electrical devices. We even take pills to calm and distract ourselves from our problems and struggles. So the next time you feel down or stressed, try a walk in the park. It will help you de-stress and get a little physical exercise.

“Bohemians are more primal, closer to the earth, and more prone to embrace nature than people who consider themselves above the four-legged with tails or scales. They do not, as a rule, put out sticky traps or tear down spiderwebs, and never one that is inhabited. Bohemians rescue animals.”

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New, Foreign Things.

Trying out and learning about new things will not only open up new possibilities and chances for you in life but also make you smarter and benefit your personality significantly. “Bohemians embrace, whenever possible, unconventional food and eating habits. Bohemians like to eat and prepare food from countries not native to them or another period.”

Bohemian Lifestyle – Conclusion

However you are living or planning on living your life, take just one minute and think about it. What’s the feeling you are getting? If it feels good, congratulations, that’s great. If it doesn’t, however, there might be a weak spot in your living. Now, think of those points mentioned above. They are all crucial elements in the bohemian lifestyle. Maybe you’ll find yourself in one of them, and perhaps there are some minor adjustments you can implement in your own life. And maybe, just maybe, they will also help you live your life more fully, happily, and truthfully.

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