Cysteine Hair Treatment – Description, Procedure, and More

Cysteine Hair Treatment

Cysteine Hair Treatment – Cysteine is one of the latest and most famous treatments for softening and straightening curly hair. The therapy uses a non-essential amino acid called cysteine complex to straighten your curls. Besides this, the treatment also makes your hair shiny and healthier.

A Cysteine hair straightening treatment is perfect for those with extraordinarily frizzy and unmanageable hair, as it strengthens your hair roots. In this treatment, the straightening wears off very naturally without looking overtly obvious. However, it is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts only for three months.

Procedure Of Cysteine Hair Treatment

Step 1. Preparation

Hair is washed and blow-dried. A clean hair shaft means better absorption, leading to good results.

Step 2. Application

Cysteine complex is applied to small strands of hair, used only on the hair and not the roots. Revelation to cysteine can cause your hair to fall. And then, the hair is shielded with a plastic sheet, which can stay like this for about 45 minutes.

Step 3. Bring the heat

Heat activates the cysteine complex. Thus, the cysteine complex is exposed to heat after it is allowed to sit. The hair is flat ironed and blow-dried to give a silky look.

Step 4. Rewashing

After the heat treatment, they rewash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. It is mainly for treated hair. Once your hair dries, you will see the difference in your hair. No waves, no damage, no dullness. Only shiny, soft, smooth, bouncy straight hair.

Difference between Keratin and Cysteine

The main difference between keratin and cysteine treatment is that keratin has strong chemicals like formaldehyde, while cysteine is free. Therefore, the cysteine treatment is harmless for pregnant women and children above 12. But, it is very costly, and its durability is less.

Cysteine is a type of protein that is important for hair health. It is advisable not to get repetitive cysteine, keratin, or straightening treatments. But they are less harmful than repeated blow-drying, curling, ironing, and using chemicals on the hair.

Cost and Effectiveness of Cysteine Hair Treatment The treatment is quite costly, ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 12,000. The cost of the treatment depends upon the salon you visit and the condition and length of your curls.

Avoid using cysteine, keratin, or straightening treatments as much as possible, as they can damage the hair. Also, you should avoid the daily use of a hair dryer and ironing the hair. Perming and going in for frequent highlights can also take a toll on the longevity of your hair.”

The standard rules also apply here. The hair should be tied minimally for the first few days to keep the sleek look. It is advisable to postpone activities that ccause excessive sweating, such as exercise. A sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will safeguard the longevity of your newly-straightened tresses.

Cysteine Hair Treatment

Cysteine Hair Treatment (1)

Advantages of Cysteine Hair Treatment

One needs to be aware of various cysteine hair treatment pros and cons. Additionally, various cysteine benefits are precisely helpful.

  1. This treatment is gentle as compared to other hair straightening treatments
  2. It does not give the artificial straight look
  3. It doe not use formaldehyde or its substitutes
  4. It does not alter the natural hair structure completely
  5. It is harmless for pregnant women and also
  6. There will be no new curly or wavy hair growth
  7. The cysteine hair treatment provides you with soft, shiny, and strong hair with fewer waves

Disadvantages of Cysteine Hair Treatment

  1. It is expensive and also requires maintenance

2. It fades away after 4 to 5 months. It provides only a temporary solution. So, this treatment is not for those who are looking for a more permanent solution

3. Also, check out rebonding hair as another option for hair straightening, as it’s been growing in popularity.

Precautions – Cysteine Hair Treatment

They will provide cysteine complex shampoo, conditioner, and serum. It would be best if you use it for the next few months. Also, it would help if you did not wash or tie your hair for two days after this treatment.

Other precautions that you must take:

  • Avoid sulfates. Use sulfate-free shampoo
  • Use a cysteine-based serum to elongate the life of the treatment
  • Avoid swimming for at least a month
  • Avoid chemical treatment
  • Get a hair spa at least once a month
  • Avoid the use of henna
  • Avoid frequent washes. Shampoo thrice a week
  • Avoid metallic dyes
  • You should not oil your hair


Cysteine hair treatment will do miracles for your hair, whether dull or damaged. Also, if your hair is curly or frizzy, please give it serious thought before making a decision. Consider all the facts, and consult your stylist. If you can commit to this treatment, you are ready.

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