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Styling Your Bangs – A lot of people among us have a love-hate relationship with their bangs. Different people have different hair textures, and many frequently experience cowlicks around their hairline, which makes styling their bangs delicate. Even they do not cut all the bangs equally. It also happens that sometimes your hairstylist may not pay proper attention to your hair texture or lifestyle, which may result in the inconvenience of styling your bangs. We suggest some tips for recovering from these issues. They are as follows

The Method for Styling Long Bangs

The delicate part: Celebrity hairstylist Trace Henningsen doesn’t suggest receiving long bangs if you need a hands-off look. She says long charges can be hard to style as they are time-consuming and upkeep, so patience is necessary.

Styling Tips: Henningsen says to begin with super-wet bangs (damp isn’t sufficient!). “Use a blow-dryer, then a boar bristle round brushes to blow them out,” she says. “Don’t use hot equipment as they can make bangs appear flat and lifeless on your face, which is not pleasing.” Speed isn’t your colleague here, either. Go slowly, be patient, and you’ll be capable of creating a normal, fresh body and bounce.

Styling Your Bangs –  Side Bangs

The delicate part: Less is further when it comes to side bangs. Meanwhile, the goal is to look casual and calm. Celebrity hairstylist Julius Michael says it’s significant to avoid over-styling later. It can leave your side bangs appearing flat. And if you possess a cowlick, Michael speaks to steer clear of this look later. It can add stubborn dimensions in the incorrect place.

Styling Tips: If you’ve chosen to give side bangs a shot, Michael says to have enjoyment! You can use a paddle brush to maintain them wispy, then off to the side for a daily look. Or, for something a tad more cultured for a night out, he advises a high ponytail through your side bangs out to play. He suggests pulling your hair back into a pony, then styling the bangs severely to one side and keeping them in place through a strong-hold hairspray.

 Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bang

The trickiest part: If you lean towards sleeping in and then run out the door at the last minute to enable it to function, curtain bangs aren’t the correct match for your plan. As hairstylist Jana Rago says, the toughest part about curtain bangs is that they take energy since they need daily upkeep. Those with crunched calendars may feel worried, leave the styling, and look frazzled.

Styling Tips: Previously, you fool with the rest of your locks; Rago says to start with your bangs. “Most people discover this order amazing because they tend to style the high quantity of their hair first and then the hair near the face as the final step. But, when you do that, you’re putting needless extra heat over your bangs with your dryer,” she says.

It is not a smart plan since the hair near our cheeks and eyes is very weak. To pull off the curtain bangs, Rago recommends over-directing each side piece onto two sides of the face to obtain an even fall when you wear them down. It adds essential volume to the root. Who appears best with curtain bangs? Rago speaks that folks with oval-shaped faces or people with wider foreheads must give curtain bangs a try.

 Bangs With Curly Hair

The trickiest part: For people with curly hair, deciding to have bangs is a big investment. Curly bangs need even more TLC when compared to those with straight hair. Alyssia Dotson, teacher and creative team lead for Alterna Haircare, says the key is to ensure you have curl meaning in the front and avoid cutting bangs too short. Long bangs function more effectively for this type of hair.

Styling tips: Dotson says to embrace the natural curl of your locks, from the bangs to every last strand of hair. Dotson says that the key to pulling off bangs with this hair kind is to use an excellent product that adds definition to curls but isn’t overly oily or heavy. Choosing a lightweight product makes your bangs remain airy and light rather than sticky or flat. After gentle blow-drying on low heat, apply a bit of development and use a small brush to give bangs body.

How to Style Bangs While Growing Them Out

The trickiest part: Styling bangs while growing them out isn’t hard, but it does take forever to grow them out, says master stylist Vickie Vidov. Depending on your goal length, it could take three to six months to arrive at your hair destination. The video encourages her clients to try and enjoy the different stages and to focus on finding ways to keep bangs tame. After all, at some point, you’ll be in the “in-between” phase where they are not short enough to go one way or long enough to go the other.

Styling Tips: It’s easy: Don’t cut them unless there are split ends. If that’s the case, Vidov suggests booking a little trim but letting your stylist know about your bang plans.

“As they grow, adjust the style from a short bang to a curtain bang to a side bang, and so on,” she says. “You can also use accessories to hide the bang, such as headbands or clips. Take advantage of this year’s trends with various hair accessories. Use bedazzled hair pins and clips. It’s not forever because we all know we’ll cut them again!”

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