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Ouji Fshion
Ouji Fashion is one of the famous fashion of Harajuku, Japan. It is a substitute from Japan, and we can consider it a matching part of Lolita fashion. Boy style is another name for this type of fashion. In the western community, it is well-known as “kodona.” It has decreased in popularity. It was a one-off term used by Ryutaro Arimura in a Gothic Lolita Bible interview.
Ouji Fashion is a cool prince-style outfit called Kodona Fashion. Victorian-era clothing worn by young boys motivates this body style fashion. An Ouji outfit includes a vest, a shirt, and also a pair of shorts, sometimes with a cool jacket.
Boys who love Lolita fashion or girls who like boy styles can try this collection. This collection includes Ouji lolita vests. It also provides kodona tops, kodona pants, kodona shorts, and vintage blouses. There is other boy-style clothing like Aristocrat. Aristocrat is a dark, mature Japanese street fashion with western “Romantic Goth” vibes)
Our Ouji fashion collection specifies Ouji Lolita. It is an exclusive style combining traditional and masculine elements. The products include high-quality material, elegant blouses, vests, pants, bow ties, top hats, and leather boots. It also includes classic Victorian and Edwardian designs with a modern twist.
Ouji Fashion consists of various colors: black and white to pastels and bold prints. These colors are suitable for any occasion. Our customer service is devoted to helping you find the perfect Ouji Lolita outfit. Explore the world of Ouji Lolita fashion at our store today!

Ouji Fashion – Elements of Ouji fashion:

Elements of Ouji Fshion

 Ouji outfit consists of different elements. It includes pants, a jacket, a blouse, socks, a vest, shoes, and a hat. It depends on the person dressing up and also how they will put them together for coordination. These combine to make an elegant look that belongs to boys only. The best part is it is not only focused on boys. If girls also are used to familiarizing themselves with the same, the option is there with them. No limit is imposed on people when they are looking forward to adapting to it. But the elements of the same fashion vary in the case of females.

Ouji Fashion – How Can a Person Wear Ouji?

 For adopting Ouji fashion, it is also essential to know the sub-styles and themes related to the same. There are three main sub-styles, sweet, classic, and Gothic.
 The sub-styles are not similar. So it is right to conclude that different elements are available simultaneously. Thus, if we focus on fashion, some pieces are pretty elegant, and some are quite stylish. It depends on the individual how they will adapt to the same.
The sweet style is quite cute and has a frilly look. The classic is entirely different, and it is redefined and elegant. Whereas focusing on Gothic, the darker look features sharp, crispy lines. The best part is that one can also experiment with the look they adapt according to the available elements. But it is integral to be sure whether they are pairing it up with the right products.
Here we have explored Ouji fashion and hope you know this is one of the most adapted fashions. Moreover, some common themes are pirates, school, the military, and royalty. And the Ouji items will be available with the Lolita brand, and it is totally on the person who will pair up the item.

Ouji Fashion – 3 Common Different Substyles of Ouji Fashion

There are numerous substyles and themes for Ouji fashion. The same substyles of Ouji exist in the same way that other Lolita substyles do: Sweet, Classic, and Gothic.

Ouji Fashion –  1. Sweet Ouji

Sweet Ouji is girly and flowery, referring to more loveable/young/innocent coordinates.

With a pastel color scheme and appealing themes like cakes and also adorable animals, it is often the opposite of sweet Lolita for Western Oujis. Some artistic Ouji even changes attractive designs into Ouji clothing, such as slacks, vests, coats, or neckwear.

2. Classic Ouji

 Classic Ouji has a more refined air and emphasizes elegance, making it more refined and also elegant. This substyle has a more classic “princely” feeling and is more sophisticated than sweet. It describes the majority of Ouji that isn’t extra sweet or gothic.

3. Gothic Ouji

Gothic Ouji has a sense of gloom that can be opulent decadence, damaged ruin, or a simple, angular design. Although it is often black, they often use jewel tones like Bordeaux or navy as a contrast color.

 How to Coordinate Ouji Elements?

 The elements of a typical ouji outfit are pants, a blouse, a jacket/vest, socks, shoes, and a hat. A hat or some Ouji accessories, such as a belt, waist chain, necklace, etc., are optional. Place these components together to create an ouji coordinate. It is both boyish and elegant. If you are a Lolita lover, you can almost wear the same clothes by swapping the skirt for shorts or trousers!

Shopping Tips

You may be influenced by many variables when choosing your clothing, and price and quality are the two primary factors. Therefore, think about your priorities.
Do you choose quality above quantity or the other way around? How frequently will you wear these outfits? In the case of quality, favor the brand. Indie and used books are your friends if you want to buy a lot. Are you within the “normal” size range or not? Custom fitting and tailoring might be profitable if you are outside.
Make and follow a wish list. To arrange your wardrobe properly, narrowing focus can help you avoid unnecessary purchases. The most effective cabinets are cohesive, letting you combine more pieces without purchasing new ones each time you make a new coordinate.


Ouji fashion is extraordinary, diverse, and visually attractive. It’s exciting to have a variety of pieces to play with and experiment it. There are some procedures to follow, but you can still examine various components and also combine them as you like. Complete outfits are also available online for purchase.
You can see that there are many possibilities for the Ouji fashion. Everything passionately showcases your preferences. We advise you to look into the 42Lolita to determine whether it appeals to you. You’ll like its distinctive approach to fashion, which is entertaining and original!

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