How to Make Foundation Last?- Importance, Steps and More

How to make foundation last_

How to Make Foundation Last?- Applying foundation is the most important step of makeup. It is the base of the makeup. Upon it, you can use lots of blushers, bronzers and illuminators. Hence it is very important to apply it properly. If it doesn’t stay long throughout the day, then the rest of your makeup goes in vain, and all your efforts also go waste. Therefore it is crucial to apply it properly so the remaining makeup isn’t affected.

Foundation also provides flawless skin and helps in hiding blemishes. Properly using the foundation is not easy, especially since it is quite challenging in tropical regions, as sweating causes a lot of trouble. Below are some steps to be followed to make it last for a day. Here are some steps you must follow to make the foundation last longer.

How to Make Foundation Last? – 1. Washing Your Face

Foundation works effectively when your face is clean. To begin with, a clean, exfoliated, dirt-free canvas is essential. It is advisable to go through the cleaning process before the application so that it can be absorbed and mixed properly to last longer on the skin. Exfoliate the dry flakes and lifeless cells off your skin and pat dry with a dry tissue.

How to Make Foundation Last?- 2. Use an Astringent or Ice Cubes

Use an astringent

Proper care of the pores is essential before the application of the product. Use an effective toner that works excellently for you or a cotton pad soaked in rose water to close the pores. The ice cubes work effectively on oil-based skin. Not only do they give you a cooling sensation, but too help you absorb the foundation very easily. Rub the ice cubes for 4-5 minutes and pat dry the skin.

How to Make Foundation Last? – 3. Moisturizing the Skin

Moisturizing the skin is the secret behind the perfect blending of your foundation. If the skin is dry, the foundation will look cakey and wear off too easily when the skin starts evacuating oil. Select a moisturizer as per the skin type to hydrate well but make sure you do not make it oily or fatty. If you went excessive with the moisturizer, use a blotting paper to soak the excess and leave the skin for some time to absorb.

4. Apply Primer

It is a miracle product for the foundation. Primer aids in closing the open pores, control oil, evens out the skin and helps it stay longer than usual. Silicon-based primers work the best to make the foundation merge smoothly. With Primer, you will know that it appears like your natural skin.

5. Right Formula of Foundation

The market has every kind of foundation, from liquid to cream to stick to powder. Once you recognize the correct formula that functions best for your skin, half of the work is complete. Oily skin works best with matte liquid foundations, while dry skin acts best with creamy ones. Mineral foundations are great when you want something good for delicate skin. No matter what you select, always use the long-lasting foundation that gives you an extra edge throughout the day.

6. Process of Application

After selecting the right formula, suitable techniques will confirm your foundation performs at its absolute best. The best way to make it last longer on your skin is to focus on the application process. Keep blending it until it merges with the skin and doesn’t look overboard or cakey. Apply a thin layer of foundation and mix it properly to get a light to medium coverage. Once you have blended the first layer, apply another layer to build the coverage and again blend it thoroughly. No matter how much time is required, keep mixing until it looks perfectly natural on the skin. If it is not blended properly, it will barely last for a few hours.

7. Application Tools

As blending is the key to the long-lasting formula of the foundation, tools for application plays an important role in achieving that part. Though many people use their fingers to blend them, sometimes it gives you incomplete coverage as the foundation doesn’t spread properly. Sponges, flat foundation brushes or flat-top kabuki brushes are brilliant tools when it comes to foundations. They will make the application easier and helps in evenly spreading and blending it. When layering it on the skin, always dampen the sponge or a flat brush to simplify the process.

8. Loose/Compact Powder

Once the foundation is merged and well settled on your skin, use a powder brush or powder puff to set the foundation with a glowing or illuminating powder to achieve a flawless, matte look for the whole day. It is the most significant step for people with oily skin as it reduces the shine by absorbing the oil and sets the foundation to keep it in place the whole day. Make certain you apply only a single layer of powder and do not forget to dust off the extras with a clean powder brush.

9. Makeup Fixing Spray

The fixing spray helps to keep the foundation in place without getting blotchy, cakey or sweaty. It is a layer that defends your whole makeup. It stops the foundation’s creasing, and aids save the pain of periodic re-touches. Once you have applied the spray to set it, evade touching the face too much.

10. Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are great when you want to absorb the additional oil from the skin, which is a natural phenomenon. Instead of using a handkerchief or tissues, always use blotting paper to absorb the oil. When you keep the oil and shine away, and it stays in place throughout the day.

How to Make Foundation Last? – Conclusion

Following the steps mentioned above can make the foundation stay longer, which further helps maintain the makeup properly for a long time.

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