Forest Skincare – Definition, Uses and More

Forest skincare

Forest Skincare – Walking through a forest is a tradition to find stress relief in Japan. Hence, they coined the term forest bathing, and even doctors there prescribe jaunts in nature as preventative medicine, as plenty of studies have shown major reductions in cortisol, which in turn, helps stress to plummet. Now, this soothing trend is coming for your skin.

“Forest skin care is buzzing—it’s skincare brands inspired by the Japanese tradition of walking through forests for stress reduction,” Annie Jackson, co-founder and COO of Credo Beauty, tells me. “So brands adapt medicinal ingredients you’d find in a forest to boost your skin’s immunity and also promote stress relief.”

Olverum, the Body Oil

Olverum body oil (1)

Drench your entire body from head (er, décolletage) to toe with this invigorating oil that blends woody and floral extracts for an at-home aromatherapy massage. It has sandalwood and rosemary leaf notes for a sexy scent that takes you out of your city-sized bathroom and smacks into the middle of a forest with one application (which also works to lock moisture into your skin).

Evolve Organic Beauty Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum

Banish blemishes while experiencing the relaxing sensation of willow bark (which gently exfoliates), Amazonian acai, and copaiba (both of which soothe acne spots), working together to clear your skin while transporting you to an actual rainforest.

AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Oil

This gentle facial cleansing oil washes away all gunk and makeup off of your face (eyes, too!) with further soothing oils spiked with white birch extract and ginseng root that leave your skin looking bright, even, and fresh.

About Forest Skincare

Forest Essentials is an Indian makeup, skincare and perfume business that specialises in Ayurvedic preparations for its products. It remained founded in 2000 by Mira Kulkarni in New Delhi, India. Mira Kulkarni ongoing the company in 2000 with an asset of Rs.2 lakhs, then only selling handmade soaps and candles. The business extended after the Delhi hotel Hyatt Regency ordered the soaps for their rooms. In 2005–2006, the firm posted sales of Rs.6 crore.

In 2008, the New York founded Estée Lauder Businesses acquired a 20% stake in the business, and in October 2021, thus the brand announced its incoming the United Kingdom by opening 12 retail supplies. Kulkarni’s son Samrath Bedi presently serves as the company’s managing director.

The business has 80 stores in India, supplies 190 hotels and export to 120 countries. The factories remain in Haridwar and Lodsi in Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand. Forest Basics sells natural, organic, and Ayurvedic cosmetics and does not test its crops on animals.

Forest to Face Honors the Trees and the Farmers

Trees are the solution to climate change and offer incredible and effective benefits for our skin. So they have taken it upon ourselves to gather and transform tree and perennial-based ingredients from ethical farmers and distributors into effective and socially responsible skin care. These farmers are growing our ingredients in forest-like agricultural systems. We bottle these fresh and healthy forest ingredients and bring them to your face.

Forest Skincare – Ingredients

Jojoba as a symbol of resiliency. Jojoba trees thrive in arid conditions, where many other plants can’t survive. According to the United Nations, desertification is happening around the planet at a rate 30-35 times higher than historical rates. So valuing harvests that can thrive in a hot and dry environment will be critical to coping with climate change.

The regenerative farm sources the jojoba from intercrops with the beneficial nitrogen fixer, Bara Bara. This Pacific South West Reward farm planted its first jojoba crop in the 80s! And we are still reaping the nourishing jojoba oil from these original trees. A long-term investment is well worth it for the environment and the economy.

Forest Skincare – Conclusion

Today, the use of herbal cosmetics has been increasing greatly. However, there is a huge demand for herbal cosmetics. The bioactive ingredients in herbal cosmetics are very beneficial for our skin. They provide the necessary nutrients required for our skin.


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