Decora Fashion – Description

Decora Fashion

Decora Fashion is a famous fashion that originated in Harajuku in Japan. Decora’s fashion is a copy of Japanese idol Tomoe Shinohara’s fashion in the 1990s. Her fashion sense was very comparable to nowadays Decora. But the fashion featured childish hats as a substitute for many hair accessories. Her fans referred to her as “Shinora.”

They would often try to match her style while also trying to maintain it initially. Eventually, some of them would end up featured in the Fruits! The street snap magazine would then coin the term Decora as the name for their style.

Decora fashion is an explosion of color and accessories. And it’s the perfect embodiment of Harajuku’s bubbly spirit. How this style came about is a bit complicated and has an origin story full of contradictions. Read on to find out how Decora fashion seemingly came to be.

Decora Fashion – Fashion

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This style can be communal with any clothing, but Pop Kei and Fairy Kei are the most famous base fashions. The attires combine casual clothes with many layers. It includes hair clips, bracelets, tulle skirts, stockings, leg warmers, and pins. The persons involved in this fashion wear face stickers with colorful makeup that matches the clothing. The dress may have many prints, such as colorful prints, heart prints, and other designs.

Decora is a famous and essential Japanese fashion style, and it has become the identity of Harajuku fashions worldwide. The class comprises bright colors and a vast collection of accessories. Although the technique was trendy in the mid-2000s, it is still famous in Harajuku.

Decora Fashion – Name

The name “decora” originated from the Japanese word for “decoration. The term refers to the style’s diverse use of many decorations and accessories.

Decora Fashion – Style Basics

Decora is a playful and childlike style with less silhouette and focuses more on using accessories, motifs, and color schemes.

Color Scheme

The decora style is famous for its bright color schemes. Shades of pink and blue are fashionable, and pastels and neon colors are also widely used. Colors are also often abundant, with multi-color or rainbow themes being famous.

Although darker alternates of decora do exist, the devastating majority of decora coordinates feature brighter color palettes.


The clothing of the decora is less severe than its colors and themes. Though, there are some popular clothing items within the style.

Cartoon characters from the ’80s, the aesthetic of 80s displays, and themes motivate Decora. The principal characters of these outfits are Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Pokemon, and many more. Decora often has a diversity of textures within one attire to enhance the eclectic style. The use of hoodies and t-shirts with these themes is daily.


Accessories are essential in a decora outfit, making it stand out from other styles. The first regulation is to have as many accessories as possible, and there is no such thing as numerous accessories in decora! Accessories should also be attractive as well as multiple.

The designs of standard accessories are dental masks, band-aids with colorful designs on the bridge of the nose, bows, ribbons, clips in the hair, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and so on.

A typical instance of using decora accessories is utilizing clips to cover the hair and bangs and wearing several bracelets almost to cover the forearm.


Shoes come in many styles for decora. The class can see Mary Jane’s shoes, sneakers, high tops, and rocking horse shoes. Once more, it is color and adorability that matter.


Decora-style makeup is often minimal to give a childlike and fun appearance instead of a developed one. Some like to wear accessories according to their makeup. And also they wear sparkles, stickers, or gemstones under their eyes in many shapes, such as stars and hearts.


Decora hairstyles can differ significantly. Some select to carry the color schemes of an outfit to their hair, coloring it in lively colors, and others prefer to use accessories and also maintain more natural hair colors.

Pigtails, braids, or curls are popular hairstyles for women, adding to the outfit’s “cute” aspect. For men, long hairstyles are more popular as well.

Types of Decora

Decora Fashion – Black Decora

It is also known as Kuro Decora, is almost aesthetically identical to Decora but lacks vibrant hues. Black Decora frequently uses the skull and gothic designs in its accessories.

Pink Decora

Pink As the name implies, Decora is a kind of Decora that primarily utilizes pink. Although minimal other colors are permitted, the predominant hue is always pink.


Hadeko is a sister fashion of Decora that emphasizes vivid rainbow hues. The clothes are often loose and androgynous with various forms of tie-dye.

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