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Bite Lipstick – Bite Beauty is a Canadian makeup company specifying in lip products. Susanne Langmuir started the brand in 2011, launched it in 2012, and also acquired it from Kendo in 2014. Hence, the brand carries only at Sephora. Its products are food-grade and also vegan components infused with resveratrol.

Bite Lipstick – What is the Product Description of Lipstick?

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Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing oils, pigments, waxes, and also creams. When you apply lipstick to your lips, it provides colour, moisturization, and protection. Lipstick is the pocket-friendly and most popular cosmetic in the world. Twenty-one per cent of women use it daily, and 78 per cent on special occasions.

BITE Beauty is a line of lip products made from natural, food-grade ingredients with resveratrol, red wine’s health-boosting and antioxidant component. Each application of BITE provides a small dose of antioxidants. It helps the body in fighting against free radicals.

Are Bite Lipsticks good?

Unfortunately, the lipstick is very silicone-heavy. That’s the reason the colour doesn’t cling well to the lips. It results in a patchy, uneven application for some of the colours. Additionally, the longevity is not great. Especially compared to some of the other matte lipsticks on the market.

CLEAN, VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE. Bite Beauty began with a craving for satisfaction. The need for pure beauty that performs to our (and your) high standards. With bold, look-at-me-now colour and skin-loving ingredients. We’re all about making you look and feel damn good—no settling necessary.

What it is: An intensely-bold lip stain that’s hydrating. It is also long-wearing and lightweight, with easy control and waterproof wear.

The formula is as much important as the shade when picking out lipsticks. Moreover, you might be looking for something with more extended wear. Or you may be passionate about a matte finish. Regardless, there’s nothing worse than applying a gorgeous tint in the perfect colour. Only to realize the product cracks and disappears 30 minutes later. The lipsticks we search for often have one thing in common: lasting hydration.

When we heard about BITE Beauty’s clean lipstick formula, we were more than a little intrigued. The new, vegan, and more anticipated Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick ($28) has launched with 20 shades. It comprises a hydrating matte formula that promises performance and rigorous ingredient vetting.

Bite Lipstick – The Formula

“It was quite challenging to develop a clean and vegan formula. The formula that performs to the high standards we hold ourselves to.” She said of the years-long process. To make the formula vegan, the team replaced beeswax with plant waxes. Thus, making the process “trickier to achieve the right sensorial texture. And also to structure that we need in this lipstick.”

Another challenge the product development team had to face: was pigmentation. “Vegan pigments are much more limiting. Thus, the pigments of different shades affect the formula differently,” Koch explains. Yet, after much trial and error, our final product exceeded our expectations!”

Earlier this week, Bite Beauty teased a new release on its Instagram. It was about showing off its signature lipstick boxes covered in a print of spice mounds as you’d find in a bazaar. Today, Bite announced the new Spice Collection. It includes eight shades, all inspired by Moroccan, Spanish, and Turkish spices.

Bite Lipstick – The New Spice Collection

All eight shades are, for a limited period, named after ingredients that can take a bland dish to the next level. Bite combined natural pigments to create Saffron Fire (red-orange), Crushed Chili (reddish brown). Hot Harissa (brick red), Lit Turmeric (medium orange). Star Anise (muted lavender), Toasted Cardamom (burnt rose), and Smoked Za’atar (chocolatey plum). Although, there’s also Pink Salt, a safe mauve for those who have orange shades too loud for the lips.

The lipstick doesn’t have any spices. Hence, you can rest easy that the Turmeric shade won’t turn your lips yellow. All lipsticks come in the classic Amuse Bouche formula with a citrus flavour. It has layers of Cherry, mint, mango, and also vanilla notes, with factory-made with resveratrol, an antioxidant from red wine.

All shades are available now at Sephora, but only for a limited time. They won’t stick around long if they’re as popular as the zodiac shades.

  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Saffron Fire
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Crushed Chili
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Hot Harissa
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Lit Turmeric
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Star Anise
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Toasted Cardamom
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Pink Salt
  • Spice Things Up Amuse Bouche in Smoked Za’atar

Is Bite Beauty Cruelty-Free? Does Bite Beauty Test On Animals?

Yes, Bite Beauty is cruelty-free and does not test on animals. It is among other makeup brands in the 2017 cruelty-free brands at Sephora.

Are Bite Beauty Products Vegan?

Unfortunately, Bite is not a vegan brand, meaning they use animal byproducts. The company’s foundation on such positive principles, they’ll continue to enlarge its line. And make a vegan range, as some other companies do nowadays, like Red Apple Lipstick and also Makeup Geek.


The idea of a company that gives a voice to the lips is unique—in comparison, providing its consumers with products that can be safely swallowable. It’s costlier, but if you’re a consistent lipstick wearer, you must know what you place on your lips daily. BB saw that there was not enough consideration for this feature of lip products. That’s the reason why they stepped into it. And also it is a company with great products and a mission statement, a fabulous addition to every makeup collection.

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